Mineral/Slag Wool Production Line

The parameter of production line:

The indicative production capacity of the finished product(felt or board): 1.5 to 5 t/h

Features of Mineral/Slag Wool Produced by the Production Line :

  • Density 50 – 200 kg / m3
  • Thickness 30 – 200 mm
  • Width 400 – 1800 mm

The mineral/slag wool production consists of several production processes. The major processes and associated machines are listed below.

During the production process of mineral wool, the role of cupola furnace is to fuse the mineral or rock material (e.g. slag, basalt, dolomite) and direct the melt flow onto the high-speed rotating wheels where the melt flow is spun into fiber.

In the cupola furnace, with the use of coke, the raw materials are melted at very high temperature, typically between 1,300°C to 1,500°C. The smoke created during this process is filtered using dust collector and flue gases are cleaned using the cupola flue gas system.

The spinning machine is designed to spin the melt flow, which exits the cupola furnace, into fiber while adding binder and oil into the generated fiber. The most widely applied type of spinning machine has four spinning wheels. The generated fiber is then transported by the airflow towards the forming chamber and accumulated on the perforated sheet of the forming chamber.

The main function of the forming chamber is to accumulate the fiber and transport the fiber layer to the pendulum unit.

Pendulum unit consists of two vertical belt conveyors. It stacks the wool fiber into several wool layers of which the height is controllable.

The curing oven is designed to polymerize the binder contained in the felt and shape the cured mineral wool into desired thickness and density. The curing process is implemented by adjusting the vertical distance between an upper and lower conveyor inside the oven in which the hot air is blown from the combustion chamber for the polymerization of the binder.

The cutting unit cuts the mineral wool board in desired length and width while cleaning down the edges of the wool board. The cut edge is sent back to the forming chamber for recycling.

The packaging unit stacks and packages the mineral wool boards.

Mineral Wool Product Made by Our Production Line

Mineral Wool Board
Mineral Wool Strip
Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel
Mineral Wool Blanket/Mattress