Furnace Charge Feeding System

Providing a safer and more precise loading option for cupola/electric furnace:

The purpose of designing the furnace charge system is to accurately deliver raw material to the furnace with relatively high efficiency. To fulfill this purpose, we offer a variety of configuration of the furnace charge system according to users’ need. The system includes four components in general: electromagnet cranes, buckets, belt conveyors and vibrating charge feeders. Furnace charge system includes various combinations of these components.

Under electromagnetic action, electromagnet crane puts the raw material into the weighing hopper or weight compensation equipment. The accuracy of the crane depends on the density of magnetic force.

The functionality of belt conveyor is to transport the charge material to the desired location.

Like belt conveyors, the bucket can move the charge material to the overhead space with efficiency and less noise.

A vibrating charge feeder is an ideal option when used to feed an induction furnace. The main feature of it is its mobility which enables it to service more furnaces at each charge than any other furnace charge components.