Cupola Furnace System

Industrial Cupola Furnace: Proven Technology with Flexibility

Cupola furnace is a major kind of equipment for producing cast iron. It has the features of high efficiency, relatively low cost, and the capability of continuous production.

Compared to the electric melting furnace, cupola furnace remains competitive due to its flexibility. The future of cupola furnace relies on the transformation and upgrade towards digitalization and automation. The cupola furnace system designed and produced by ZhongZhiDa is eco-friendly, energy efficient and highly digitalized and automated.

Foundry Ladles: Molten Metal Handling Solutions

Foundry ladles made by Zhongzhida are designed and manufactured to give long-term reliable service when used in the typical foundry environment. We offer the ladles that suit the customers’ needs (casting ladle, transfer ladle, or treatment ladle). The ladle we offer includes hand tilt ladles, geared ladles, teapot ladles, bottom pour ladle, cylindrical ladle, and geared fore-hearth ladles.

The foundry ladles offered by us are suitable for pouring the castings (either cast iron or cast steel) in various weights.

For ladles that pouring cast iron, their working capacity ranges from 0.3 T to 60 T. For ladles that pouring cast steel, their working capacity ranges from 0.3 T to 150 T.

ZhongZhiDa: Turn-key Supplier of Cupola Furnace System

Our company has been designing and manufacturing the cupola furnace and related equipment for almost 3 decades. Our expertise in cupola furnace is built through thorough communication with our clients in specific industries. Zhongzhida offers the service not only includes the melting, pouring and associated equipment, but also the consultancy service regarding the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the project.

With the decades of experience in the field g of cupola furnace system, ZhongZhiDa never stops the effort on improving and optimizing the performance of the product. Following the development trend of the industry, the cupola furnace produced by ZhongZhiDa is highly digitalized and automated. Meanwhile, the energy cost and exhaust emissions of the cupola furnace system have been remarkably reduced.